We have been pretty busy here working on some new projects.  DESC is still out of stock, but there is a good reason for it.  Version 2 is here and in testing.  It is likely to be back  in stock in the next week or two.   


  • New component layout for easier soldering
  • 2 Versions, 1 for mating to the lemon rx & 1 for standalone
  • New voltage regulator for more stability and higher current draw.
  • New firmware that allows user to change between mixing and non mixing
  • Easier to use calibration header

There are a couple of things to newsworthy to note.  Endbots is planning on bringing robots to CIRC in August.  We are currently building them now.  You can check them out under the "our robots" tab.  The robots are "Death from Above" and "Bad Dream"  

Our website also now has Discus installed so its easier to ask questions or leave comments.  


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