Just got back from Circ 2017,  It was great to see all of you out there.  Our robot "Death from Above" had some issues with the hammer relating to the grease I used as well as the pinion coming off so our robot did not perform up to my expectations.  I will be updating the robots page in the next few days after I recover from the excitement.  I really enjoyed seeing everyone's robot (especially those using my products.  It fills me with great joy seeing bots with my products win matches)

I have all the parts I need to make more boards and will be doing so this week.  All orders placed containing DESC's will be shipped Friday August 18th.

I am offering 10% anything in my store to everyone for the rest of the week. use the code "CIRC2017" 

And those who competed at CIRC (write your bots name in the order notes) will receive free shipping on orders placed this month (it will be refunded after you place your order)

Lastly in the next month or two we will be offering markforged printing of parts.  Our printer does not have fiber yet though in the future we will be purchasing the upgrade.

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