Here is a sneak peak at one of our upcoming projects. It is a board to compete with the low cost (quality) DAS MICRO board.

This is a low spec board that is intended for people who want to try out combat robots without breaking the bank.

This board will be able to drive 2x N20 gearmotors
Probably 4x N20s (depending on setup)

Does not provide enough current for Silversparks (though we will test anyways and report once we get boards made)

Pricing will be near $15 (same as DAS Micro)

Budget DESC Specs 

  • 6.5-14 volts input 
  • Dual Channel (controls 2 motors)
  • 1 amp current per motor 
  • Mixing Option
  • Over Current Protection 
  • Size is 1" x 1.5"

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