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  • Endbots Micro Power Switch

    This compact power switch is used to power your antweight or fairyweight robots. A slight turn of the center screw turns makes or breaks contact with the two pads and...
  • JST Connector

    This JST connector is good for low amperage power connections.  Suitable for most antweights and fairyweights.  Specifications Length:100mm  Weight: ~1.5 grams  22awg Silicon wires
  • Power Switch

    This power switch is designed to handle the loads of most 30lb robots.  All the conductors are copper and have cross sections similar to 8 gauge wire. You can reconfigure the...
  • Male to Male Servo Connector

    This male to male servo connector is good for connecting header pins from receivers to other things.  They are also useful for cutting up and replacing signal cables on esc's or...
  • XT60 Connectors - Male / Female Pair

    These generic XT60 connectors are made out of high temperature nylon.  The shape of the plug prevents reverse polarity and provides a solid connection.  Works great with applications drawing less...
  • Male to Female Servo Connector

    This male to female servo connector is good for extending servo connectors.  Another use is to chop the cable in half and connect the Female end to the throttle channel...
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